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    3 January 2020

    2020 interior design trends: are you ready for the Twenties?

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    2020 interior design trends, YES, but first… can you believe it’s 2020? 

    With a new decade (ah!) comes new interior design trends. This means a clean slate where we can leave some questionable aesthetics behind (‘Live Laugh Love’ wall decals, we’re looking at you) and get inspired with fresh creative ideas. Here are the 2020 interior design trends we’re predicting – and loving.


    Wall panelling 

    Wall panelling made a serious comeback in 2019 and we’re certain it’s here to stay. The famous ‘V-groove’ wall panelling is a great way to add character and old school charm with a contemporary twist. 

    Your panelling changes the visual effect of your room, depending on how you lay it. Choose vertical to raise up a room with a low ceiling height or horizontal to broaden a small space. The best part is that the panels are easy to install and buy from your local hardware store. 


    Feminine shapes 

    Organic free-flowing shapes will forever be timeless in design but recently we’ve seen a lot more of them. Soft, feminine shapes create contrast against otherwise linear, minimal designs. 

    In 2020, you will see them being used against industrial, raw materials like concrete and metals. Keep your eye out for line drawing artworks and soft silhouettes in lighting, furniture and accessories.


    Natural tones 

    Let’s be honest, natural tones and materials are never out of fashion. They make this list because, with a rise in minimal, almost brutalist interiors, we’re seeing more and more natural materials used to balance out harsh design elements. 

    Warm tones of natural linen, wool, cotton, terracotta and clay balance perfectly with cool tones from concrete, terrazzo and metal. Look out for the addition of dried palms and natives in interior styling – there’s definitely a ‘return to nature’ movement in the works. 



    Terrazzo is one of the hottest new materials having a revival. We’ve got a funny feeling you’ll be seeing it everywhere in 2020! But, what is terrazzo? It’s a polished material of marble and granite chips that have been set within a concrete composite. 

    The reason it’s so loved is it brings texture and visual interest to spaces like bathrooms and kitchen benches that can sometimes look a little flat or dull. And that’s why we reckon this trend is set in concrete (pun intended).

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