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    9 May 2022

    10 top interior styling myths, busted

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    Most people don’t have much experience with interior styling, unless you’ve bought or sold a property before.

    So it makes sense that there are so many interior styling myths floating about! But never fear, we’ve decided to pick apart 10 of the most common myths and reveal the truth behind them. Do any of these surprise you?

    Myth: Interior designers don’t care about your personal taste

    Stylists usually have their own preferred styles and specialties. They also know the aesthetics which are in fashion at the moment. But the decision is never out of your hands – you’ll be shown inspirational photos when you are first quoted to get a feeling of what your new home could look like. If there’s anything you want to change, it’s an open conversation.

    Myth: Property styling is not worth the investment

    If you’re selling your home, property styling is a must – it’s estimated that property styling can add between five to 10% to your final sale price. When we’re talking hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, that’s no small number! And considering that 95% of our styled properties have returned on the investment, we’d say it’s worth it. 

    Myth: You can only pay upfront for property styling

    This may be true with some businesses but not with BOWERBIRD Interiors. We know it isn’t always possible to have the money upfront, especially with all the other expenses involved with selling. You can choose to PAY LATER with six months interest-free when you book property styling with us for sale. From $2,500 to $50,000 and no upfront payments, you have the added flexibility to make the investment on your property.

    Myth: Designers will get rid of all your original furniture/features

    This is definitely not true! While stylists will make recommendations based on their expertise about what will look best for your home, if you want to keep a certain piece of furniture or artwork this can be integrated into the new scheme. A good stylist will always try to work with the existing features of your home.

    Myth: It’s cheaper to go it alone

    There are lots of resources to teach you interior design tips – this blog is one of them! That said, there is a reason why interior designers train for years. If you choose to go it alone, there is a risk that the pieces you choose won’t fit in your home, will go out of style quickly, or might be made from poor quality material that won’t last long. The stylist’s goal is to give you a home that lasts – and that you love – for many years. 

    Myth: You have to pay interior designers hourly rates

    Paying hourly rates isn’t always ideal because you don’t have a guarantee of how long a project will take. Look for interior businesses – like us! – who will quote for the entire project, not the hourly rate. That means you can budget accurately and won’t be caught out by unexpected fees.

    Myth: You need buckets of money to transform your home

    Each styling contract is constructed with the size of the project, your needs, and your budget in mind. Interior design is no longer seen as a luxury for the very wealthy, but if paying upfront is a barrier for you, you can also choose to PAY LATER for curated furniture packages. You can get funded up to $50,000, paid across 12 equal interest-free repayments.

    Myth: It’s not worth hiring a designer for a small or humble home

    Interior styling businesses will often use large, grand properties to showcase their work. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in styling if you don’t have a mansion. Stylists know how to create the illusion of bigger spaces and will work to show off your home’s best assets, while fixing or camouflaging any rough spots.

    Myth: Designers care more about aesthetic than functionality

    How your home looks is very important to a stylist, but functionality should always be the number one priority. Our responsibilities include maximising natural light, space flow, accessibility, and comfort. There’s no point having a stunning home if you can’t use it!

    Myth: The styling process takes forever

    We’re not sure how other styling businesses do things, but at BOWERBIRD Interiors, we typically get installs done in one day. You could go to work and come home to a completely different home, with zero need to find separate accommodation. If you’re selling, this also means you can get on the property market sooner!

    If you’re interested in styling your home with our Pay Later option, get in touch and one of our team will happily walk you through it. You can either call us on 02 9531 2233 or use the contact form to set up an initial call and free consultation.

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