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8 July 2019

10 hot styling tips (straight from our stylists!)

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BOWERBIRD - 10 hot styling tips
Common sense suggests that if you need some expert advice, you turn to the experts.
So, with that in mind – we decided that it was a good opportunity to turn to our very own property styling experts to get their insider tips. 
We hope you’re taking notes…

  1. When in doubt, add greenery
    Plants are a great way to add freshness to a space, while also improving air quality and adding a bit of personality to a home.
  2. Don’t be afraid to mix neutrals
    Combining neutral tones like greys and creams can really give a space a cohesive overall look.
  3. Go round
    A round dining or coffee table helps to create a sense of flow while also giving you more room to move around in a home.
  4. Pop up a mirror
    Mirrors are like magic, instantly making a space feel bigger by reflecting the natural light.

    BOWERBIRD - 10 styling tips
  5. Less is more
    Don’t over-clutter your home by adding too many accessories to a space. Clutter is also one of the things that is most likely to turn off home buyers!
  6. Embrace rugs
    It’s no secret we love a good rug, but placement is key. They’re a great way to separate spaces – especially if your dining room and lounge are in close vicinity. A rug under a dining table instantly helps to make a room feel bigger.

  7. Trust your instincts
    When styling a property, it’s important to keep things simple and trust your judgment. Everyone has a different sense of style so if you’re living in the space you’re styling, ensure you think about your personal needs and comfort.
  8. Embrace layering
    Not only will layering pieces add visual interest to a space, but it evokes a sense of comfort, too – making it feel more inviting. Who doesn’t love a well-styled bed layered with textured throws and plump cushions?
  9. Add pops of colour through soft furnishings
    By maintaining a neutral colour palette with your key pieces of furniture, you can instantly transform the colour scheme of your home by adding colour through soft furnishings, accessories and artwork.
  10. Use feather insert cushions
    Just do it.

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